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"...this is the greatest plane I have ever owned." - Dan Field (SCSR)  


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Steve Drake taping his race hat on
in +45MPH winds at Vincent, CA

Who is
This page was founded by Steve Drake to pursue the development of performance RC planes using EPP, composites and other new materials

The primary directive of this activity is fun, “This will only work if it remains fun for all involved.” The philosophy is based on the following principles.

  • Stay close to the flying community via direct participation
  • Utilize any source of technology toward meeting the performance defined by fellow RC flyers. All good ideas are good
  • Continuously update our designs regarding performance and ease of fabrication, as ideas are truly realized as “Cutting Edge”

We are located in Southern California and Ship our materials around the world. Currently this is a expression of an RC Hobbyist like yourself.

Steve Drake

Who cuts the components for your kits?
In the beginning Steve fabricated all components with the steady hand of his good friend Jeff Stacy on the other end of a manual wire bow. Then as demand increased Steve asked another good friend Dan Field, who scratch built his own CNC foam cutter, to try cutting our wings. Dan remains a great source of design ideas but he is busy with his own business. Steve is back to making all components and uses input from all fellow flyers to continue to refine all points of each design. Steve has built his own CNC machines and prefers the software by Gilles Muller. Only top quality cuts are accepted.

Other important acknowledgements include those that first spread the word about our designs via their websites.

We also wish to thank our many flying friends who have generously written us with suggestions and photos.

Who is Steve Drake?
Steve has been an active participant in the American Slope Racing Organization, races in the SCSR (Southern California Slope Racers) league, and other AMA events.

Steve Drake has owned or flown hundreds of planes, most of them scratch built to his own design standards.  The Gulp product line and future products are the columniation of countless hours of experimentation and refinement. We hope you enjoy the work.

Who made this website?
This website was created by NextStepDesigns.
NSD can be contacted via email at


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