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"...and the quality of the G-V-60 and SR kits are excellent." - Paul Wright (BMFA)  

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 Updated 07-05

This page is for posting suggestions that meet to requirements of containing the names of products used that make sense to improve the design from the designer's point of view. Or I just spaced out and forgot the post your idea :-)


  General Tips for all planes  


  Steve Drake

Taping Gulp Designs - The taping plan is as shown on the plan rather than the entire surface. That is all the tape that is needed. Want to tape more OK but tape is hard to get a smooth finish on. I like to lightly spray 77 on after taping and spackle the entire wing. Then carefully sand it back to leave enough to cover any bumps (within reason). If you do that and apply the covering as I say you can get a wing that looks almost like glass. EPP planes never get smoother as you fly them so I like starting as smoother as I can. I tune my planes up almost every time I fly to keep them clean and as smooth as possible. Do they perform better. Yes they do. It is amazing how rough surfaces hold a plane back form it's top speed. 

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