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O Instructions and drawings


O Black foam nose tip material

O Center section

O Nose

O 28” Longeron Carbon tube

O 4” carbon tube for nose

O Nose flange ring


O 2 foam Centers  for plug on section in the fuse

O 2 first foam wing sections

O 2 foam wing tips

O 2 -29” Basswood caps

O 5” Basswood brace for fuse wing section

O 2 - Flapperon Balsa pieces

O 1 -5” extra piece of Balsa aileron material for tips

O Ply for capping the fuse end of the flapperons

O 3  pieces of  ½” OD brass  joiner tubes

O Carbon joiner tube

O 2 locator dowels with carbon tubes

O 4 Wing spar carbon tubes 2 @ 25” and 2 @ 28”

O Carbon tow rolled on a tube

Control parts

O Push rod for tail

O Threaded stock for v-tail ball link connectors

O Bent v wire for elevators

O Ply for flapperon horns

O 2 ball links


O Tails

O Balsa for tail bases

O Balsa Tail base – 2 grooved blocks

O Composite Carbon V brace

O Triangle balsa

O 2 blind nuts and 8/32 nylon screws

O 5/32”aluminum tubing

O Balsa for fairing

Ballast system parts

O Ballast bay belly cover

O Nylon Screw

O Flange nut

O ply for button on top of wing


O 3 lead Ballast plates and three wood plates

O Composite kit

O Base loaded antenna