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 Want a low cost, fast and durable  

Worlds Record holder

EPP  design 

Congratulations Gregg!!

My custom machines CNC machines use GMFC Software.

2012 breaking news 238 MPH! with a 48" Foamie

The new DS-48 Built and flown by  Gregg Bolton now holds the World Record for the fastest foamie!

G-V-60 gets a new poly carbonate and carbon fiber V tail base. Easier to build and really tough. E-mail me for details.

After multiple years of winning results in the BMFA 60" slope racing nationals and other venues, Gulp designs like the Gulp SR 60 and the G-V-60 in the hands of flyers like John Bennett, Paul Wright and Nigel Potter, have shown the speed and flight efficiency of Gulp designs. New designs like the G-S-48 and now the Gulp SR-48 are finding their own popularity with slope flyers around the world. These designs are intended for a kit builder with some experience and being high performance planes a minimum of intermediate or higher flying skill. Most of the designs are available in take apart version  for the slope flyer who likes to take their fun with them on trips without the burden of a large container. I hope you enjoy building these low cost full featured slope planes as much as I have had making them available to you. Cheers, Steve

All designs on this site are by Steve Drake. This stuff is not just a collection of items form other sources but completely original work. 

Worlds Fastest Foamie So far "only" 238MPH!

That's right a 48" span plane holds the record

The New DS-48 Now Available

Email for details and Special introductory price till May 1st.

Based on the SR-48 build it under 20 ounces or for Xtreme Dsing 

Need on that comes apart for travel Just ask for the DS-48T


What's Hot? Try the New SR-48


The Gulp SR-48 design. 

At 17.1 ounces ready to fly with a carbon ballast tube for up to 12 ounces, this wing will fly in light to the wildest winds. 

E-mail us for details - No page as yet



Meet the G-S-48 48" Sport plane

Designed for slope stunts in light to medium lift, this 15ounce EPP glider is optimized for both regular and inverted flight.

Pod and boom fuse, full flying elevator, removable nose, custom stunt airfoil and lots more. Available as a Take apart version too.

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HOT! The SR-T (traveler) has a plug on wing.  Your standing on the rim of a ridge in Hawaii and it is blowing straight at you. You go to the car and out of your suitcase you pull out your SR-T, ballast and a big smile. Or do you just wish you could. Live your  dreams.......Gulp - 3 Gulp Designs for Travelers

"I raced 2 regular JW's and a new JW XL. The GULP smoked them.
It turns better and pulls on them in the straights." - Greg Smith (
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